The Endless Wait for GST

It has been almost a decade and we are still waiting for that revolutionary reform in tax regime in India which would be ushered with the introduction of GST – Goods and Services Tax!

But the wait now appears to be endless. With the new dispensation at Delhi, there are renewed hopes, but… As of now, the next roll out date is 2016 though we already have seen so many announcements by our Finance Minister in past.

Let us hope that this time it materializes!

A deeper examination of administrative and operational issues was done by me in a paper published in EPW. Though it was published in late 2012, the wait has made it much more relevant today. You may find it interesting.

17395 EPW 28 Apr 2012 Administering GST in India


One thought on “The Endless Wait for GST

  1. Nice Blog Praveen. Very well structured with easy on the eye color theme. As an ERP Consultant implementing Finance Solutions to customers, I, like you, look forward to the implementation of GST in India. I have downloaded the pdf document written by you, I will go through the same and will come back with my observations, which of course, will not be at the same level of expertise as yours….

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